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Vogue – Made For History, and Herstory: Anna Wintour, Huma Abedin, and Chelsea Clinton Launch a Collection for Hillary Clinton

The first show of this fashion season also happened to be the most significant. “Made For History” is a collection of 15 designers’ casual creations—t-shirts, bandanas, a canvas clutch, all on sale today—that not only represents a simple way to declare support for Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential bid, but also, last night, was transformed into a runway performance that was a meaningful kick-off to this fall’s international fashion weeks. More info

Vogue Italia – Fashion Creatives: una notte al museo a passo di danza

Cala la notte sul museo Mercedes-Benz di Stoccarda e allo spegnersi delle luci qualcosa prende vita tra le auto di lusso. I manichini iniziano a muoversi a passo di danza. Sono i ballerini di Hiplet™ del Chicago Multicultural Dance Center i protagonisti del nuovo episodio di Fashion Creatives by Mercedes-Benz. More info

This Troupe Is The Reason Dance Is Going To Be Big This Fashion Week

You’d be forgiven for mistaking commercials for music videos, what with the increasing number of brands turning to the medium of dance to market their wares. Everyone is dancing: from Margaret Qualley in that wonderfully wacky Spike Jonze-directed Kenzo fragrance campaign to Serena Williams’ interpretive modern dance moves for Delta Airlines. More info


Windy City Live

Hiplet is the newest contemporary dance style, which combines ballet with hip-hop. And it started in Chicago!

More info