About Hiplet™


The Hiplet™ journey started with a ballet created in the early 90’s called “The Rap Ballet”. It was set to rap music where dancers performed the “running man” and other popular dances on point. Then in 2005, one of the dancers was booked with the UniverSoul Circus, and Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant started to play around with different Hip-Hop moves which eventually led to the development and trademark of the Hiplet™ technique.

Fast forward to today, after about a year of posting videos of the dancers in Hiplet™ class on Instagram, Só Bailarinos shared one of the videos on Facebook. Then BuzzFeed created a video telling the Hiplet™ story. Then Good Morning America called!

After going mega viral this summer videos of Hiplet are shared around the world via social media, reaching over 75 Million views to date. And the calls are still coming in…


CMDC is the only contemporary ballet school in the world that teaches the Hiplet™ technique, which has become a worldwide phenomenon. We’ve gotten calls and emails from across the country and we want to share the technique with as many dancers as possible.

Our goal is to train dancers and build a professional Hiplet™ dance company, and take the show on the road!

We are also planning to certify dance instructors to teach Hiplet™. A dancers knees and ankles have to be very strong. Not all ballet dancers are ready for this and we want to properly train instructors.


Hiplet™ fuses classical pointe technique with Hip-Hop and urban dance styles. It was specifically designed to make ballet accessible to all, by mixing it with current popular songs that will be familiar to audiences who don’t normally attend ballet performances.

At the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center, we are empowering lives through dance! And we want to be able to accept any student that comes through our doors with talent, regardless of their economic ability.

So we are thankful for this opportunity to share our story with the world and our continued effort to empower beautiful young lives through the power of dance.

Through this new journey we hope to grow CMDC’s student enrollment and generate enough in donation and sponsorships to accept every financially challenged student who walks through our door via our scholarship program.

If someone wants to support us in “Empowering Lives Through Dance”, please contribute in our donate section.

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The Hiplet Ballerinas are part of the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center (CMDC), a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

For booking requests, please contact Diana Tan (DTan @ bookece.com)

or visit  https://www.ecetouring.com/artist/Hiplet

For more information about training, visit www.cmdcschool.org.

Office phone: 312-461-0030

Office hours are Monday – Friday 12 pm – 8 pm & Saturdays from 9 am – 5 pm CST